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Offer ends 31st May 2021

Nottinghamshire-based sunshade manufacturer Car Shades is proving to be the perfect alternative to sucker shades and window socks, cutting out 72% of sunlight in the vehicle cabin. Tailor made to fit over 800 different vehicles, the quick-fit travel accessory is an essential part of travel planning this summer.

Fitting all rear windows of the car perfectly, car shades clip onto the window frame with ease, allowing the passenger to adjust the window as normal whilst the shade stays in place. All rear window glass is completely covered, meaning no dazzling gaps can be seen, and no fingers or paws can pull them off.

The slick mesh design allows optimum air flow, whilst also leaving no room for any bugs to enter the vehicle when the windows are down. Plus, the reduction in light for passengers in the back makes for a more pleasant journey for everyone.

Providing both shelter and security, the shades are remedying the issues bright sunlight causes whilst driving in the summer and can be easily removed and stowed in the provided storage bag for night driving or during the winter.

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