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Puddle Ducks … The Perfect IntroDUCKtion to Swimming

Puddle Ducks runs baby and toddler swimming classes in pools across Wakefield, Barnsley and South Leeds, and we have just celebrated our 10th year in business!

Our Baby & Pre-School programme (0-4 years) provides a wonderful bonding experience and our progressive lesson plans instill a water confidence and love of swimming. Our highly trained and qualified teachers are experts at identifying children’s levels of ability and adapting activities to the individual, nurturing confidence and encouraging natural ability, all whilst having lots of fun.

Puddle Ducks baby swimming classes - Floaties, Splashers, Kickers, Little Dippers

Our Baby & Pre-school programme is offered through six levels:

Floaties (0-6 months),
Splashers (6-15 months),
Kickers (15 months to 2.5 years),
Little Dippers (2-5 years) and
Dippers and Dabblers (2-5 years ability related classes)

For older children, whether they have come from a pre-school class or never been in the water before, Swim Academy (4-10 years) will take your child from ‘getting their faces wet’ to being an independent swimmer and who knows, maybe a future Olympic champion.

Teaching independent swimming from birth. That’s the Puddle Ducks difference.


Local classes

Classes run on every day of the week in 7 local pools:

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For more info contact Faye and her team using the details below.


01924 826238


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